Content 3/2003

Review Article

K. Okon: Tubulo-Interstitial Changes in Glomerulopathy. II. Prognostic Significance


M. Danilewicz, M. Wagrowska-Danilewicz: A Morphometric Insight into Glomerular and Interstitial Lesions in Acutely Rejected Renal Allografts
S. Demczuk, W. Wierzchowski, W. Szczepanski, G. Dyduch, J. Czopek, J. Stachura: The Comparison of the Agreement in Determining the Histological Grade of Uterine Endometrial Endometrioid Carcinoma, Using the Three-Grade FIGO Classification and the Two-Grade System

Case Reports

B Papla, S. Demczuk, E. Malinowski: Benign Clear-Cell "Sugar" Tumor of the Lung - A Case Report
B. Romanowska-Dixon, J. Orlowska-Heitzman: Adenoma of the Iris and Ciliary Body. Case Report

Symposium on Telemedicine, Jablonna, May 2002

W. Borkowski, H. Mielniczuk: Telemedical Management System of Structured Clinical Documentation - Application for Quality Assurance and Multicenter Clinical Trials
J. Danda, K. Juszkiewicz, M. Leszczuk, K. Loziak, Z. Papir, M. Sikora, R. Watza: Medical Video Server Construction
M. Grabowski, K. J. Filipiak, R. Rudowski, G. Opolski: Project of an Expert System Supporting Risk Stratification and Therapeutic Decision Making in Acute Coronary Syndromes
P. Kasztelowicz, M. Czubenko, I. Zieba: Security of Medical Data Transfer and Storage in Internet, Cryptography, Antiviral Security and Electronic Signature Problems, Which Must Be Solved in Nearest Future in Practical Context
K. Kielan: The Salomon Advisory System Supports a Depressive Episode Therapy
R. Rudowski: Telemedicine in the Context of Different Medical Specialities. The Polish Perspective
J. Sierdzinski, G. Karpinski: Electronic Patient Record and Archive of Records in System for Telecardiology