Content 1/2008


P. Holko, J. Ligęza, J. Kisielewska, A.M. Kordowiak, A. Klein:  The Effect of Vanadyl Sulphate (VOSO4) on Autocrine Growth of Human Epithelial Cancer Cell Lines
K. Okoń, A. Sińczak-Kuta:  Nuclear Morphometry as a Tool of Limited Capacity for Distinguishing Renal Oncocytoma from Chromophobe Carcinoma
K. Okoń:  Glypican-3 is Expressed in Chromophobe Renal Cell Carcinomas
J. Kozłowska, K. Okoń:  Renal Tumors in Postmortem Material
P. Stawerski, M. Wągrowska-Danilewicz, O. Stasikowska, L. Gottwald, M. Danilewicz:  Immunoexpression of Beta-catenin – E-cadherin Complex in Primary Serous Ovarian Tumors
J. Szpor, G. Dyduch:  From Hamartoma to Splenic Hemangioma
K. Taran, J. Kobos, S. Sporny:  Number of Mitotic Figures in Microscopic Picture of Nephroblastoma Histologic Types – Estimation of the Value of the Oldest Known Prognostic Factor
A. Markowska, E. Urasińska, W. Domagała:  In vitro Assessment of Adhesion Molecules Expression by Human Endothelial Cells Cocultured with c-erbB2-positive and c-erbB2-negative Breast Carcinoma Cell Lines
B. Papla, K. Urbańczyk, K. Gałązka:  Histiocytic Necrotizing Lymphadenitis without Granulocytic Infiltration (the so called Kikuchi-Fujimoto Disease)

Case Report

B. Ziarkiewicz-Wróblewska, B. Górnicka, B. Gierej, W. Suleiman, E. Nowacka-Cieciura, M. Durlik, M. Bogdańska, A. Wasiutyński, S.A. Pileri:  Hodgkin-Like Lymphoma, Simulating Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma in the Patient After Renal Transplantation – Unusual Case Report and Literature Review