Content 3/2006


R. Chrzan, L. Rudnicka, T. Popiela Jr, W. Nowak, B. Podsiadło-Kleinrok:  The problems with histopathological verification of breast microcalcification clusters in the stereotactic mammotome biopsy specimens
A. Sobczuk, B. Smolarz, H. Romanowicz-Makowska, T. Pertyński:  MMAC/PTEN gene expression in endometrial cancer: RT-PCR studies
P. Declich, F. Carneiro, B. Omazzi, E. Tavani, R. Grassini, A. Ferrara, A. Bortoli, S. Bellone, C. Gozzini, A. Prada:  Immunophenotype of sporadic and familial adenomatous polyposis associated fundic gland polyps: a mucin and MIB1 study
H. Zavrides, A. Zizi-Sermpetzoglou, I. Elemenoglou, I. Papatheofanis, G. Peros, G. Athanasas, D. Panousopoulos:  Immunohistochemical expression of bcl-2 in UICC stage I and III colorectal carcinoma patients: correlation with c-erbB-2, p53, ki-67, CD44, laminin and collagen IV in evaluating prognostic significance
A. Ribeiro-Silva, C.F. Mendes, I. S. Costa, H. Becker de Moura, D. G. Tiezzi, J.M. Andrade:  Metastases to the breast from extramammary malignancies: a clinicopathologic study of 12 cases

Case Report

M. Białas, B. Papla, J. Wójcik:  Choriocarcinoma within the third trimester placenta – a case report
H. Sośnik, M. Jeleń, K. Sośnik, M. Pomorska:  Liposarcoma of the uterine corpus coexisting with preinvasive cervical cancer – a case report