Michal Walski(1), Edyta Podsiadly(2), Ewa Walczak(3), Renata Celary-Walska(4), Marek Dabrowski(4), Stanislawa Tylewska-Wierzbanowska(2), Witold Ruzyllo(5), Adam Witkowski(5), Andrzej Slysz(4)

The Presence of Chlamydia Pneumoniae in Atherosclerotic Plaques - a Report of Three Cases of Ischaemic Heart Disease*

1)Medical Research Centre, Polish Academy of Science,
2)Department of Bacteriology, National Institute of Hygiene,
3)Department of Pathologic Anatomy, Medical University,
4)Central Hospital Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration, Warszawa,
5)Institute of Cardiology, Warszawa-Anin


The report presents three cases of ischaemic heart disease in which Chlamydia pneumoniae infections were detected first serologically, later the bacteria were shown in atherosclerotic plaques with electron microscopy, and finally C. pneumoniae strains were isolated from the tissues.

Address for correspondence and reprint requests to:
E. Walczak M. D.,
Department of Pathological Anatomy, Medical University,
Chalubinskiego 5, 02-004 Warszawa.

* Supported by the State Committee on Research, grant No. 4 P05C 017 09.