Case Reports

Krystyna Galazka(1), Jadwiga Bogdaszewska-Czabanowska(2), Malgorzata Setkowicz(2), Jerzy Stachura(1)

Primary Localized Cutaneous Amyloidosis - Lichen Amyloidosus. A Case Report

1)Chair and Department of Pathomorphology,
2)Department of Dermatology, Collegium Medicum, Jagiellonian University, Krakow


We report a case of primary localized cutaneous amyloidosis - lichen amyloidosus in a 55-year-old man. Immunohistochemistry using antibodies against cytokeratin and AL immunoglobulins revealed the presence of both components in amyloid foci located subepidermally, mainly in dermal papillae. The results of histochemical reactions confirm the keratin-derived nature of amyloid in primary cutaneous amyloidosis.

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