Grzegorz Dyduch, Romana Tomaszewska

Department of Experimental and Clinical Pathomorphology, CMUJ, Krakow


A case of malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumour (MPNST) located in the supraclavicular and suprascapular region has been reported in a 39-year-old man. Malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumour (MPNST) refers to a spindle-cell sarcoma arising from nerve or neurofibroma or showing nerve sheath differentiation. The incidence of MPNSTs in a general population is 0.001%, and these neoplasms constitute from 5% to 10% of soft tissue sarcomas depending on the source [8]. Epithelioid MPNST is a rare form of MPNST making up about 5% of these neoplasms [3].

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